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Want To Know Your Car's Worth ? Autobuy Will Value Your Car And Pay You The MAX

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I remember trying to sell my first car, a Honda civic! A second-hand car dealer said to me, “Finding the right price to sell a used car is like selling art. Both are priced at the buyer’s fancy”. Was the value of my car really at the buyer’s fancy?

I started doing my own research and here is what I came up with:

How popular and in-demand is your car model? I turned to Internet, read local ads to find out what’s popular in my area and had a chat with the car dealers. I found that in today’s market conditions, if the car is a hybrid or has good fuel economy then they are most likely to sell faster and guaranteed good value.

Check the Pricing Guides I referred to Kelley Blue Books and Edmunds. There are other market guides too, to determine the fair value of the car. It’s important to note that the prices listed in these books are transaction prices and not the asking prices. The final price is what one can expect after due negotiations.

Check out Your Competition Reviewing the prices on sites like eBay Motors, Auto Trader, Yahoo and Craigslist is recommended, to determine if the value of the car is within the general range of the competition. I used advanced searches to find cars that matched my car or very similar to my vehicle’s brand and model, to get a good comparison. I also compared the cars’ condition, geographic location, gas mileage and other factors as guiding factors in setting the value for my car.

• Competitive pricing for quick sale

After checking out the websites, I decided to price competitively and provided myself a leeway for negotiations. I’d recommend this strategy, more so, for cars that are in great condition with low mileage.

• Value Your Car

If you already know that your car is an attractive buy and is a popular model locally, you can go with your gut instinct and stick to the price you have valued the car for. Maybe you will make a good salesman as you know your car best

• Pricing matters

Make sure that you don’t go too low in pricing the car because there will be buyers who would have already tried buying a similar car but priced higher. They will immediately make you an offer at the lower price when you know that the value of the car is more. Always start at a higher asking price and then reduce. That way, at least you would have tried to get a good value for your car. Treat the market valuation as guideline and not as the deciding factor.

• Reap your rewards through Research

Statistically this has been proven to be true. The more you do you research and explore options, the more likely you’ll get the asking price you want. Whether you’re selling a Honda Civic or a SUV, valuing your car takes time and research. If you do your homework well, you will sell your vehicle and make the most money doing it! But many don’t have the time.

• My final Choice

I did my research and valued my car right but then I could not find a buyer at the price I valued my car! That’s when I got to hear of Autobuy!  Autobuy is a quick and reliable way to value the car. Autobuy saves time and effort that goes into the research to value a car.

I called them and left a message. This is to schedule an appointment for an appraisal of the car. They call you back to get the details of your car. They are also online and so anyone can go online and leave the details of their car in the form available. The best part is, the car appraisal can be done anywhere. At office or at home, your choice of place. They come to you. You don’t have to go to them. Friendly and quick, they made me, and my car feel special. After their appraisal was over and within 20 minutes, I got a call informing me that they were ready with a quote and check to pay, if I wanted to sell. I was surprised. I didn’t think it was that easy! Then they said that if I could get a higher quote, then they were happy to match it!

I was thrilled. I was given all the choices that I could possibly have. Not a take it or leave it attitude from them but a genuinely interested buyer who was open to negotiations and no pressure to sell.

Wow! Incredible! I didn’t think it could be that easy to find a buyer for my car. Did I complicate my life doing research or was I just stalling until I could find a buyer who seemed that he knew and appreciated my car? I guess it was a bit of both. I wanted to know more before I sold.

I think the buck stops at Autobuy! Autobuy has the best team, offering the best prices. No competition there!

Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach County, Melbourne, Stuart, Daytona, Orlando and Cutler Bay. are the places where AutoBuy has its purchasing hub locations as of now. Hopefully, Autobuy will soon expand to more locations, where I am sure there will be people finding Auotbuy a hassle-free option to sell cars valued right.

Did I mention that you if you are ok with the offer, then you can accept the check, hand over the keys to them and head to the dealer to buy a new car? I did, after I mentally bid a fond goodbye to the first car that I had owned.

Now that I knew Autobuy was around, I was more confident on the purchase of my next car. I knew I didn’t have to worry too much if I damaged my car or lost the title, I knew I could rely on Autobuy to help me out!