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The Perfect Guide to Selling Your Used Car in Florida

sell your used car in florida

Selling used cars is a stressful situation even for the most ardent automobile enthusiasts. However, nothing better describes American culture more than our love for cars and automobiles. In this ever growing industry, people have been finding new ways to market and sell used cars for a very long time. While the processes were limited before the internet, the digital age has opened a whole new market for selling used cars. With the rise of the internet, AUTOBUY became one of the pioneers as one of Florida's top online car buying companies.

While there are many methods to sell your car, there are few factors that you should consider. Here they are.


Selling your used car can take anywhere between a couple of hours to several months. But the sooner you sell it, there are more chances you'll get a better deal. A car that is unsold for quite a long time will also lose its value over time. With websites like Craig's list, the internet can help you sell your car sooner. But, the question you have to ask, is that will your buyer be willing to purchase it a value you demand?


There are many ways to sell your used car and among the top options include trade ins, selling it to a dealer, selling it on your own, or selling it to a car buying company like AUTOBUY. Each of the different methods has their own pros and cons and we have discussed each of them in detail in previous blogs. Depending on your needs and requirements including your intention to buy a new car or get cash, you choose a method that best suits you.


While selling your car on your own could be fruitful in gaining MAX value, it would certainly take an arduous amount of time. If you choose to sell it to a dealer, then you should consider the commission you will be paying for the dealer's service. Finally car buying companies do offer MAX cash for vehicles, but you have to be careful in choosing the right car buying company.

Taking all these factors into consideration, here's is the perfect guide to sell your car for the MAX cash in Florida. If you follow these few steps mentioned below, you can sell your car for cash within a day.

Step 1:

Visit can fill out the registration form with the details of your vehicle. Soon, an AUTOBUY professional will get in touch with you and give you instructions to get your car appraised.

Step 2:

The AUTOBUY appraisal process takes just under 20 minutes as soon as you arrive with your used car at any of the 10 different AUTOBUY stores across Florida. Once the appraisal is complete, you will be presented with a MAX offer.

Step 3:

If you like our offer, you can complete the processing and you will be handed a check very soon. With AUTOBUY you can just drive in with your used car and walk out with check in hand, all within a single day.

Being one of Florida's largest car buying companies, we have mastered a unique method to appraise vehicles and ensure that we pay MAX value. In case you would like to check, our offer stands good for 5 days. You can ask around, we are certain that you would come back and take AUTOBUY's offer just like over 100,000 customer before you.