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The Ultimate Way to Sell Your Boat in Florida

sell your boat on your own

Selling your boat might just be one of the major challenges boat owners have. In Florida, boats are a little more common than other parts of the country. This, however, doesn't make it any easier for the boat owners of Florida to sell their boats. What's going wrong? The answer is that the national idea about selling used boats has its impact on Florida too.

There are two factors that contribute to this phenomenon in Florida. The first is lack of awareness and information about boat selling options and means to find buyers. The second is quite obvious. When you are thinking about who is going to get the most benefits out of this, there's just one answer - the dealers.

Dealers make a living out of the commission they get for selling your boat for you. One might think isn't it better to pay a little to the dealer instead of struggling to sell your boat while you are already spending on storage, maintenance, and slip rentals. But the percentage of the commission could range anywhere from 10 - 25 of the boat's value. This becomes highly discouraging for the sellers.

You could also think about selling the boat on your own. But that also has its fair share of challenges. When you are using your boat that you are trying to sell, it becomes even more challenging. Showing your boat when buyers are interested to see or getting it on display are other factors that should be considered.

Even in a state like Florida, statistics would tell you that boats cannot be sold quickly. This means you are spending a lot more money on keeping your boat on display. While this decreases productivity and keeps you away from using it, it could also lead to damages to the boat. This becomes a two-pronged problem when it comes to selling your boat on your own.

However, there are few advantages of selling your boat on your own. First, it means that would you sell it for a better value as you are not paying the dealer for the storage, display, and commission. Secondly, you get to show your boat to the buyer at the time that's comfortable for you and the buyer. You don't have stop using the boat which also helps you in storage and maintenance costs. Finally, you can set a price that is reasonable with the value of your boat.

However, if you are the resident of Florida, you don't have to worry about the dealers or go through the tediousness of selling your boat on your own. Because for over 7 years, AUTOBUY, Florida's largest car buying company has also been buying boats. And they have been buying boats for cash. You don't have to worry about commissions because AUTOBUY will always pay you the MAXTM.

Professionals at AUTOBUY are highly trained and sufficiently equipped to perform boat appraisals within a day. With 8 locations across Florida, you can be assured that your boat, if available, can be appraised within a day. With all the right documents and regulations, you can sell your boat and walk away with check in hand on the same day as well.

As an added advantage, AUTOBUY's experience in purchasing boats enables professionals working with us to make your boat selling experience a breeze. If you have a boat to sell, visit and register your boat to sell, AUTOBUY also provides the call option. All you have to do is to call    888-428-8381 and register your boat for sale. An AUTOBUY professional will contact you and guide you through the best way to sell your boat in Florida today.