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Sell My Car in Florida

sell my car

Old is Gold. That’s what my old Toyota meant to me. All good things come to an end and time had arrived to bid adieu to my dear old car and move on. To sell my car I looked for a buyer who would value it no less than gold. Dealers’ headlines scream, “Sell your car!” Here I wasn’t selling a car I was going to give it away for the best price, as devaluing was not an option at all, no way!

Demand for used car.
A little research told me fuel efficiency and good maintenance were the key features any buyer of used cars looked for. Hybrid? The demand graph soared.

Market guides like Kelley Blue Books, Edmunds, helped to understand the fair value of the car. They were nothing more than transaction prices. The final price came after due negotiations.

Value comparison
eBay Motors, Auto Trader, Yahoo and Craigslist help understand whether the car value is within the range expected for the used car and the model. The mileage, present condition, the location, were some of the yardsticks I used to assess my car.

Final leg-the price setting.
With enough room for negotiations, I decided to price my car. When my efforts did not bear fruit I decided to look for those who would do it for me. A little browsing and Lo Behold- popped up the name “Auto Buy”. A real friend in need! They assess, evaluate and price it saving you a lot of effort and time. I took an appointment for appraisal of the car. A brief phone call to check the details of my car was all that was done. Car appraisal is done at your choice of place-office or home. Autobuy can be approached on line too. The rapport and comfort level made me and my car feel very special. Just 20 minutes later, a call informed me of the quote, and a check ready for payment. As easy as that! They were even ready to match a higher quote if there was one.

AutoBuy the final destination
Auotbuy a hassle-free option to sell cars valued right. Sell your car through Autobuy, collect your check, sans doubt of the value. The presence of Autobuy in Miami, Margate, West Palm Beach, Stuart and Melbourne will make it easy for you to sell your car. Their foray into other areas will be a boon for sellers of used cars.