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Different Ways To Learn How Much Your Used Car Is Worth

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Before you sell your used car, it is more than important to know its true value. When you are in the United States, there are many ways you can know the value of your vehicle. Among the most popular options are dealers, appraisers, car buying companies, cash for car companies, and the Kelly Blue Book. Each of these appraisers would give you different values for your vehicle depending what they are planning to do with your car. During the course of this article, we would explore 4 important options for your sell your used car and know its value.

Before we start explaining the different options that you have, you should learn the different factors that contribute to the value of the vehicle.


The price of your used vehicle depends on the brand of your vehicle, and the model of the vehicle. As we all know, some brands are little more expensive than the others when they are bought initially and most of them would also entail a high resale value. However, there are some cheaper brands which cost lesser initially, but doesn’t lose much value when you resell it as well as they are in demand in the used car market.

Mileage and Year:

These two factors, though usually taken into consideration separately represent the usage of your vehicle. How many miles you’ve put on your car reflect the general wear and tear and a vehicle with such a mileage would normally. The year is taken into consideration as some of the appraisers consider a value depreciation year by year the car is in use. Sometimes the number of owners of the car or the number of times the vehicle has changed hands is also calculated for depreciation.

Dents and History:

The outer appearance of your vehicle has a great impact on its value. Having dents, scratches, and visible damages all could decrease the value of the vehicle as the buyer would cite paying for the repairs. The vehicle’s history and service records also help in judging if the vehicle has been involved in any major accidents which could compromise its structural integrity. An impeccable service record would ensure that the vehicle has been maintained properly.

Now that we have considered the different factors, we can now discuss the most common options for getting your vehicle appraised.


The Kelly Blue Book (KBB) has been the primary online vehicle appraisal method in the United States for quite a while. While you cannot take the KBB value to the bank, it gives you a fair idea of your vehicle’s worth. The KBB takes several factors that we have discussed above and comes up with an approximate value. Historically, KBB value is usually higher than what you would get for it on-road because the vehicle has not been inspected in person.


Dealers who purchase used vehicles are quite familiar with calculating the value of the vehicle. What you should remember here is that the dealer will always take it for a lesser than actual value as they are looking to make profit by selling your car. Some dealers offer trade-in offers where you might get a little more, but not significantly higher.

Professional Vehicle Appraisers

This is probably the most accurate rating of your vehicle. There are professionals who are certified by the DMV to inspect and appraise vehicles. They would of course charge you for the service,but are sure to conduct a thorough inspection and give you a value that is more or less the actual value of the vehicle. However, this would only be helpful in knowing the value of the car. You will not be able to sell your used car to the appraiser who evaluated your vehicle.


Florida’s top rated car buying company here is taken as an example for car buying companies, but AUTOBUY distinguishes itself in many ways from other car buying companies or companies that pay cash for cars. The AUTOBUY’s aim has always been to pay MAX cash for any vehicle. AUTOBUY has professional appraisers who are well trained and experienced. They would be able to inspect your vehicle in under 20 minutes and give you an offer. We are sure that AUTOBUY’s offer would the MAX you would get for your vehicle.

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