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Decoding Cash for Cars in Florida

cash for cars in florida

Cash for cars is an attractive term used by many car buying companies in the United States. But with the common public becoming increasing aware about marketing antics, people turn to the internet for getting an unbiased answer. While many have found the right method to sell their used cars, some are influenced by common misconceptions surrounding cash for cars. Here, we would like to decode the various marketing terms associated with cash for cars and find out what is myth and what is fact.

The Tax Myth

Dealers claim that if you don’t trade in your car and choose to sell it for cash, then you should pay more tax. This is however not true, especially in the state of Florida which charges you 6% tax on the difference between the trade in amount and the new car you are purchasing. When you are selling the car on your own, there are more chances for you to get a higher price than your trade-in. So when you are the paying 6% on the difference, you are also paying lesser tax. This is an advantage of selling your car on your own that trade-in dealers will never tell you about.

"We'll make it a Single Deal"

That’s what your trade in dealer would tell you when you are selling your car. This should be avoided at all times. While the prospect may look easy and hassle free, you could very easily be fleeced off with large sums of money. So, why should we treat selling your car and purchasing a new one as two different deals? What are the advantages? Selling your car on your own for cash, takes many negotiating advantages from the dealer while purchasing the new vehicle. You have more chances of getting yourself a new car for a much lower price. It also takes away the possibility of the dealer adding hidden charges on your car used car.

The 'Top Dollar' baits

This is more of bait than a claim to attract customers to trade in their vehicle. You should understand that you trade in dealer does not have the intention or the means to pay the top dollar for your used car. Their intent ultimately is to make you purchase a new car with the MAX profit for them. Most commonly, your definition of ‘Top Dollar’ would be much different from yours. When you come across such tall claims, you could find the truth with a little bit of searching on the internet and reading reviews. An experienced company would have attracted honest good reviews and satisfaction levels of providing the ‘Top Dollar’ would be substantiated.


There are many ways you could be cheated during an appraisal. Dealers will pull out their best act in front of you and try to embarrass you on how bad your car has been maintained. However, you should understand you vehicle would have the regular wear and tear relevant to its mileage and road use. You could avoid losing money here by choosing a certified appraisal or getting it certified by a large car buying company which serves customers across many locations. When you choose a major car buying company, it is more probable for you to get more cash for your car.

MAX Value

While discussing the various terms and advantages of choosing cash for cars, this is however a mandatory requisite. All of us would like to get MAX value for our used car. When you look for a car buying company with the right expertise and ability to pay the MAX cash for your car, AUTOBUY becomes the primary choice. With major centers in several Florida locations including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Daytona, Orlando, Melbourne, West Palm Beach, and Stuart, AUTOBUY has paid the MAX cash for cars to 150000+ customers across the State.

AUTOBUY does not have limitations like the normal car buying companies that purchase only cars, AUTOBUY has the ability and the expertise to purchase all kinds of vehicles for cash including motorcycles, Superbikes ,SUVs, Trucks, RVs, Motorhomes, Campervans, Commercial Vehicles, and even Boats , Speed boats, Ski boats, and commercial vehicle fleets.