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The Best Among The Top Car Buying Companies in South Florida

best price for your car

If you are a resident of South Florida and have an idea to sell your car, there are actually two ways. You can either choose to sell it on your own or through a professional dealer.

Choosing to sell it on your own has its own risks and you can lose money by selling your car for a lower value.

On the other hand, if you choose to sell it through a dealer, there are still chances for it to being sold for lesser as the dealer would intend to sell it for a big profit margin.

So, how do you sell your car fast, and get paid the MAX for it? your ideal option is to sell to one of the 3 big car buying companies in South Florida namely AUTOBUY, Carmax and Beepi. Among these 3, it is quite a difficult option to choose where to sell your car.

Here, we would like to explain the advantages AUTOBUY has over the rest of the competition and help you decide why you sell your car to AUTOBUY for the MAX.

Offer to buy for MAX

Carmax superstore is a wholesale buyer. They fix a price for a car based on year and model. Usually, their offer is the average price which can be fetched for your vehicle. You feel ripped off!

Beepi removes your car from your home and sells it through their online auction. They promise that if the car is not sold after 10 days they buy it from you. This method usually does not fetch you top dollar.

So, if you want MAX price for your vehicle and need cash on the same day AutoBuy is the best choice for you.

Fastest Way to Sell You Car

Here is where AUTOBUY is much better than Carmax or Beepi. Unlike the two other companies, with AUTOBUY you can sell your car fast and get cash at hand in the same day.

If your vehicle has an updated insurance, an AUTOBUY certified appraiser would evaluate your car at a location of your convenience.

Within just 20 minutes, they would be able to appraise your car and provide you with an offer.

Sell Any Vehicle

AUTOBUY simply is the best among all car buyers in South Florida. If you decide to sell your car fast and for the MAX price, always choose AUTOBUY.