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Welcome to AUTOBUY, Citizens of Sanford Florida. We are Florida’s Largest Car Buying Company and the first to offer cash for cars. We have bought cars for cash from over 1,00,000 + customers from all over Florida. Now, we have opened our latest location at the city of Sanford.

We buy not just cars, we understand the needs of the city with waterfront and we also know what the citizens of the city use. You can simply sell any automobile at our AUTOBUY office at 3100, Sade Park Lane, Sanford, FL 32771. We buy cars, trucks, motorcycles, campervans, RV's, Commercial Vehicles, and even Boats.

We prefer to be the ultimate car buying company in the State and that’s the professionalism that we provide at AUTOBUY. With Sanford being our latest of our 8 locations, we have state of the art systems that will ensure our customer can walk in with their vehicle and walk out with check at hand on the same day!

You can now get to know what your car is worth with our Free Appraisal. Our offer stands good for 5 days. Just so that you can make sure that our price is that max you’ll get for your car.

Why wait Sanford, get on your phones and call 888-247-4257 right now!

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