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How to Sell My Car Fast?

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A recent study conducted in United States showed statistics that for every new car that is bought, there are 3 used cars that are sold. With new cars entering the market every day, the used car market is also on the rise. Selling your used car for the right value has its complications. Here are few ways to sell your car fast and save time and money while doing so.

The difference between selling your car fast and late impacts in various ways. In some cases when people makes very common mistakes while selling their car, it delays the process by a long way. When a used car which is up for sale, is not sold for a long period of time, then it is highly improbable for selling it at a price that you desire. This is why when you decide to sell your used car, you have to sell it as fast as possible.

Prepare your car for sale

The first question is to ask yourself ‘if you would buy the car in the way it is presented to the buyer?’ The first thing you have to do is make your car look presentable. Nobody would buy your car with your used tissues or pet stains on it. Give it for good vacuuming, you could probably foam wash it and wax it to give a shining look. However, it is also important that you don’t overdo it, as spending too much like replacing the tires or fixing dents would not greatly improve the value of your vehicle.

Get a Good Quote

You may get a quote from either a trusted dealer or from an online site. But it always wise to get quotes on your vehicle from multiple dealers. This would help you get an estimate of how much your used car is actually worth. You can also fill out a form at and get free estimate done right at the comfort of your home in less than 20 minutes. Once you collect about 3-5 estimates, you can use the average to set a price for selling your car. If you quote it for a much higher value, you might not be able to sell your car quickly.

Ensure your buyer takes a test drive

If you are selling your used car in person to your potential buyer, always ensure that the buyer takes a test drive before negotiating on the price. Try to accompany the buyer while he/she is taking a test drive as it would help your gauge how interested they are in buying your car. This could probably help you sell it to them quicker and even at a higher price than you expected.

The Fastest Way

When you have made up your mind to sell your car, just call    888-428-8381 or fill up our form online for a free appraisal. Within 20 minutes, a certified AUTOBUY professional will provide an accurate estimate on your vehicle. You can be sure that the price we offer would be the MAXTM offer you would get for your vehicle. Because at AUTOBUY, WE PAY THE MAXTM. With AUTOBUY, you can sell your car at any condition, any mileage, and even if you have a loan on it. The best aspect is that you’ll get paid the same day you sell your car. Selling your car on AUTOBUY is the fastest and easiest way to sell your used car.