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Why AUTOBUY is the Best Place to sell your Recently-Bought Used Car?

best place to sell your car

At AUTOBUY we purchase all kinds of used automobiles and not just used cars. We buy cars, motorcycles, motorhomes, RVs, Campervans, trucks, pickups, commercial fleets, and even boats! But throughout our messaging, there’s one thing that we repeatedly emphasize. We purchase all kinds of used vehicles for the MAX price in Cash. This is the most important advantage of selling your used vehicle to AUTOBUY.

Paying in cash is not always easy. If you have tried to sell your used car to any car buying company for cash, they would have told you about cash handling charges. At AUTOBUY, we are pretty serious about giving our customers the MAX value for their vehicles. From time to time, our customers have brought really nice old used cars to us. During many of those occasions, we are forced to turn down purchasing old used vehicles, simply because we wouldn’t be able to pay the MAX cash for it.

Let’s explain this a little further. Car buying companies have their own method of evaluating and appraising vehicles. While many of them would not stray far away from the Kelly Blue Book value, companies that purchase cars for cash would certainly not be at the high end. This is where AUTOBUY differentiates itself from the rest. At AUTOBUY we always pay the MAX value for used cars in cash. We have been doing so for 7+ years now.

This is why AUTOBUY usually rejects purchasing very old used cars or junk cars. But, to compensate on the rejections, we pay extra on recently bought used cars. If your car is a newly bought vehicle from the showroom within the last 5 years, you can be assured that you will be paid the MAX price anywhere in Florida.

When you have served over 100,000 customers as AUTOBUY has, you would understand it pays to make your customers happy. We keep our customers happy by paying MAX cash for their used cars. We are able to afford such high prices for recently bought used cars for a number of reasons. Here are some of the major reasons on how we pull this off sustainably.

AUTOBUY purchases a massive number of used cars. With such a huge inventory, we have the freedom to sell our cars in quite a few ways. One of those ways is collecting used cars of recent make and selling them off on auctions. With our extensive experience, we are quite familiar with the auction market trends. This helps us to pay the MAX cash to our customers with used cars under 5 years.

The second reason why you should actually choose AUTOBUY to sell your recently bought used car is because you will be paid in Cash. Being paid in cash has many advantages. If you are looking for advantages of selling your car to car buying company like AUTOBUY instead of car dealers or own your own, read our article on the subject here. Advantages include freedom to purchase any vehicle of your choice, avoiding dealer fee, and selling your vehicle instantly.

This brings us to the next advantage of selling your recently bought used car to AUTOBUY. The experience of our customers who come to AUTOBUY to sell their used cars really matters to us. We try to make it as fast and hassle free as possible. While the entire appraisal of your used vehicle would take only 20 minutes, sometimes it could get delayed with complications on used vehicles. However with recently bought cars, there are no such hassles or delays and sell your car instantly for cash.

Hope we have made it quite clear about how AUTOBUY is the best choice for you to sell your recently bought used vehicle. For more information about selling your used car you bought within the last 5 years, call us now at    888-840-5230 .